We can now sell fireworks all year round and are one of the few businesses around able to do this.   We have large stocks of around 50 different Fireworks – from sparklers all the way to multi shot compounds lasting up to 10 minutes with over 1260 shots!

We are pleased to announce that we only stock quality Fireworks manufactured and supplied by the award winning Brothers Pyrotechnics (UK) Ltd, our partner of choice. Brothers are part of the global Brothers Pyrotechnics Inc, whose network covers more than 50 countries.

  • LOW noise – colourful family friendly fireworks including selection boxes, fountains, catherine wheels and sparklers
  • MEDIUM noise – multi shot pieces, smaller barrages and rockets
  • HIGH noise – some truly spectacular fireworks, display kits and rockets

Whether its Guy Fawkes night or New Year or a Birthday or Celebration, we have the fireworks to add that special effect. For the more expensive pieces, why not club together to share the cost and then enjoy the fun and experience of watching a top-end display with friends and family.  We can deliver too.

Have a look at our current stock below – they are ordered from LOW noise to HIGH noise.

Click on the images to see videos of them in action.
If you’d like to see videos of them in action, view site on a non-mobile device


Firework coming-soon image is a photo by Daniela Turcanu on Unsplash