How to celebrate Halloween at home

Nick Newton
Oct 22, 2022


The spookiest time of the year is upon us and every year the celebration of Halloween becomes much more elaborate. But it doesn’t have to be! Whilst we are always fans of the ultimate celebration – there are various ways in which you can enjoy Halloween that with consideration for the current economic climate…won’t break the bank!

We’re going to break down some great ideas for you to think about this Halloween that will make you the ghost/ghostess with the mostest this year!

Spooky Cinema Night!

This one is quick, easy and doesn’t require much preparation at all. Whether you are setting up for the kids or the ultimate scare-fest for the adults, all you need is the movie selection ready and some great snacks and halloween themed table products to get you in the mood! Get your napkins, plates and halloween themed tableware ready and set up the perfect cinematic table setting and if you want to go a little further – why not add in some decorations to the environment to really make your movie night pop!

A DIY Halloween..

Think of yourself as a pumpkin carving champion? Maybe you’re quite the chef and want to create some fun for all the family?

Then why not set up the ultimate creative Halloween activity day for all of you to enjoy? Set up your kitchen to be the ultimate baking station and get everyone baking Halloween themed baked goods, or for the adults – a spooky cocktail making competition to see who’s brew hold’s the biggest hangover!

Moving on from the kitchen, why not set up the table and see who is the most creative with a carving knife to create the best Halloween themed pumpkins! (With adult supervision of course if children are participating!).

Want to take it a step further? Get everyone involved to come up with activities that everyone can enjoy throughout the day – whether that’s creating a Halloween game or an activity that you can all enjoy together as Halloween descends into the night!

Taking the fun outdoors

If the weather permits, why not take your Halloween celebrations into the outdoors and turn your garden into a spooky graveyard where you can celebrate under the moonlight. Using some of our specially picked decorations (check out more via our Halloween page) why not turn your outdoor area into the graveyard shift. Purchase Halloween themed wreaths, themed tablecloths for your party food and if you really want to take things a step further – why not warm up the night, and crack open the BBQ to fire up some Halloween themed burgers for your guests to enjoy!

Halloween Games!

This one is for the kids – but adults may want to participate too! Use your home as the ultimate hunting ground for hidden Halloween treasure, and hide all of those tricks and treats around the house to keep your little ghouls amused! Once they’ve found all the treats, then why not tire them out with one of our special Halloween themed piñatas which once cracked open; are sure to deliver more treats for them to enjoy!

Party Time!

If Halloween is another reason for you to throw a party, then we have everything you need in-store to throw a night to remember all the way to the grave! Turn your home/venue into the ultimate Halloween event with all the decorations, trimming and balloons to have your guests doing the Thriller dance all the way till dawn! The rules on costumes never really apply during this time, so decorate for your party with an open mind and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all of the small details that will have your guests really paying attention!

With the witching hour fast approaching, if you’re running around trying to finalise your plans – then why not pop in-store and speak with a member of our experienced team. We’ve got everything you need from costumers and make up, to decorations, balloons and a lot lot more. Don’t leave it till the last witching minute, and get everything you need before the curse breaks and all is lost!