Your Wedding, Your Creativity!

Nick Newton
Aug 15, 2022


Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and whilst planning can be quite a big task – there are ways to plan and put together a day that is memorable without breaking the bank. If you are a creative person, or even if you aren’t – the décor for your big day can make for photo worthy details that will have your guests buzzing for years to come!

We’ve worked with some great partners to bring some great wedding products into The Fun Factory, and with our years of experience we have every detail covered so that you can tick your to-do list with speed as you get ready for your big day!

Here are just a few ideas on how you can make your ‘I do’ day memorable!

Grab Attention with Balloons!

 Want a focal point for the big day and want to avoid the traditional route of foliage and bunting? Why not build a balloon arch with balloons of all shapes, sizes and colours to make a truly stand out wedding arch, or better yet – a focal point for the wedding reception! If you’re working to a certain colour scheme, you can purchase some great pre-determined designs and build them yourself, or why not pop in-store with your ideas and our team can help you design the perfect balloon arch design that will have your guests really paying attention!

Treat your Guests

Whilst a good meal always goes down a treat, if you and your guests have a sweet tooth then why not build a treat filled area that will entertain both the kids and adults alike! Whether it’s a donut stand or jars filled with sweets – you can make your day even more fun and accommodate those with a sweet tooth!

The Small Details Matter

Whilst we always look at the bigger details surrounding a wedding day, the small details matter too. Whether you are looking at the invitations or the table settings, there are ways to achieve beautiful details without spending too much! Why not purchase your invitations in multi-packs if you’re going for a more traditional approach and get creative with your table settings – from the table numbers all the way down to the name cards and the small confetti decorations – you can do all of this without breaking the bank!


 Do you have a certain theme in mind? Whether you’re going for something rustic, classic or something really out there – there are different ways to approach your décor – whether this is done with foliage or bunting – there are ways to dress your big day, and if you can’t decide, then why not do both? This can be done cost efficiently and if you fancy yourself a bit of a DIY-er then why not take plain canvas decorations and jazz them up in a way that represents your big day and the theme you have selected!

These are just a few ways in which you can take the stress out of your big day – plan ahead, and then get creative with your thinking. Whilst a custom wedding day can be great, sometimes; by using your creativity you can create a wedding day that is personal to you – with every detail a definitive representation of who you and your partner are.

If you’re looking at ways to really bring a personal touch to your big day, then pop in-store and have a chat with our experienced team who will gladly show you how to plan the perfect day! You can also check out some of our wedding products and use them as inspiration to build the ultimate wedding theme that will have you, your partner and your guests talking for years to come!